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What is E-Waste?!?

E-Waste is short for “Electronic Waste” and refers to the waste created from unwanted, broken, and obsolete electronics of all types. These items include, but are not limited to: computer monitors, computer towers, servers, laptops, laser and inkjet printers, fax machines, copy machines, cell phones, televisions (TVs), DVD players, stereo equipment, and portable music players. More specifically, e-waste refers to waste that contains harmful chemical elements that are unlawful to simply throw away for standard garbage collection.


Business Customers

In the information technology world, Asset disposal is the term given to the systematic process involved with removing electronic assets and waste (e-waste) from corporations that may have little to no further use or value, while ensuring their proper disposal.  Due to the nature of Asset Disposal, the term encompasses a combination of recycling, refurbishment and potential resale of secondary-market electronics with a strong emphasis on maintaining the confidentiality of sensitive data.

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Residential Customers

E-Waste Assassin assists residential clients that need to dispose of working and non-working electronic waste. When we pickup items, ownership and responsibility for their disposal is transferred to us. At this point, all items are assessed for possible refurbishment and sale OR they are deemed to be scrap and are separated for their various components. Let us help you clean out your stored electronic items.

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