Since December 13, 2014, we have…

RECYCLED -> 181.29 lbs
 TRASHED -> 43.96 lbs

Last modified 4-21-2015

Join us in focusing on recycling over trash!

E-Waste Assassin was named and officially formed in 2014 to carry on the work already started by the parent company, Xcentech Computers, LLC.  The name was conceived from our desire to let clients know we would handle the job the right way the first time while maintain the confidentiality of their identities.  We originally started offering to take e-waste off the hands of our clients as a convenience to existing computer repair and IT consulting clients.  While many individuals and business had a feeling that e-waste should not be thrown in the dumpster, there wasn’t a lot of emphasis being placed on responsible disposal.  As the years passed, the requests to remove e-waste increased at the same time that the challenges of fighting identity theft became more widespread.

After several federal reforms to protect consumer information were passed, followed by HIPPA and stringent financial regulations, we decided it was time to focus on offering a much needed service that protects the interests of our Tucson clients and our global environment.  We researched the steps necessary to create the most good from a growing epidemic of e-waste and then took further steps to ensure that our clients would be able to assign all liability for disposal to our company.  With protections in place and a systematic process, 2014 saw the opening of the E-Waste Assassin’s official warehouse in Tucson’s thriving industrial district.