What Makes Us Different

E-Waste Assassin performs all Asset Disposal services here in Tucson with the strictest focus on maintaining the confidentiality of client data and compliance with local, state, and federal e-waste laws.  In addition, we assure our clients that sensitive data will never be found on a hard drive that we process, nor will our clients ever be held liable for the improper disposal of e-waste.  Besides carrying General Business Liability Insurance that includes Equipment In-Transit, we also carry a Professional Liability policy that sets us apart from most other processors by ensuring that clients are covered against negligence and/or improper handling.  E-Waste Assassin’s system ensures proper handling by monitoring each step of the process from the time that the assets leave a client’s facility to the time that the assets are either re-marketed or recycled.  This ensures that the critical “Chain of Ownership” is never broken.


With identity theft and corporate espionage on the rise, we make sure that ALL hard drives are subjected to a rigorous seven pass DoD wipe to ensure that data can never be recovered.  If a drive fails to complete this process for any reason, it is immediately marked for destruction and is shredded into pieces to ensure that it can never function as a hard drive again.  Of course, some of our clients may request that their drives be shredded regardless of condition, which will be reflected in the quote that is issued before pickup.  Raw material remains from the shredding of hard drives, cell phones, and other storage media are responsibly recycled at one of our Tucson recycling partners.


While recycling may be the new focus, not all recyclers are created equal.  E-Waste Assassin chooses its Tucson recycling partners carefully and works to ensure that they do not participate in environmentally dangerous practices, such as the export of e-waste to third world countries for the purposes of dumping or burning. Of course, the proof is in the act. That’s why we ensure that there are either publicly available documents to show a recycler’s commitment to our standards, or we make them sign a specific agreement with us.


Finally, E-Waste Assassin seeks to gain the trust of all clients who do business with us. To this end, we do not engage in shady pricing tactics, including the use of hidden or unexplained fees or charges, nor do we charge pickup, delivery, or other transport fees, as long as the pickup is done in Tucson or within one of our supported surrounding areas.  Therefore, our clients will always know exactly what they are going to pay before we arrive. Any price changes that will increase a clients’ cost for any reason will be discussed well in advance, specifically during the time that we receive a request for pickup and the associated item list.