Why Is Asset Disposal Needed?

Now more than ever before, global corporations have been tasked with the legal, environmental and ethical responsibility of proper electronic waste (e-waste) disposal.  Asset Disposal seeks to remove the responsibility for proper e-waste disposal from the corporation, in order to allow better suited companies to handle the immense paperwork, processing, and strict laws that surround this form of waste.  The primary concern of today’s corporations is the proper disposal of hazardous assets in such a way as to maintain the confidentiality of corporate data while avoiding potential PR disasters from failing to do so.  The following are just a few of the hazards that could result from the improper disposal of corporate e-waste:

  • Customer Identity Theft
  • Corporate Secrets Released to the Public
  • Lost Contracts from Victimized Clients
  • Software Export Fines
  • Vendor Lawsuits
  • Customer Lawsuits
  • HIPAA/SARBOX & Other Industry Violations
  • EPA and Other Environmental Fines
  • PR Nightmares
  • National and International Environmental Lawsuits

What Assurances Does a Corporation Receive?

The following are provided to all business asset disposal customers in Tucson and surrounding areas, by request and after any applicable fees are paid:

  • A quote may be provided before pickup is scheduled that details the cost to dispose of each asset type and the stipulations related to all pricing levels, as long as a detailed item list was sent to us first.
  • A certificate of Insurance detailing our coverage for businesses, listing the business as an additional insured
  • A document certifying the transfer of ownership of all acquired assets is provided, effective upon the arrival of E-Waste Assassin and the removal of items from the corporation.
  • Hard drives are wiped and a certificate provided, along with a list of applicable serial numbers.