Commercial Business Pickup Process


Our Process at a Glance

1) When we receive a request for Asset Disposal, we will request that an editable spreadsheet be e-mailed to us for quoting.

2) Once a quote is approved, we will schedule a pickup that is convenient for the corporation.

3) An advance team will arrive at the warehouse along with your E-Waste Assassin liaison and begin tagging items with unique barcodes. Once tagged and scanned, our delivery partners will arrive and begin loading and securing the items on pallets. As each item is loaded onto a pallet, it is re-scanned.

4) When the pallets our loaded onto the truck, the barcode is scanned.

5) When all pallets are loaded onto the truck, the corporation will be provided with the certificate of ownership transfer and a list of all items scanned and removed from the facility.

6) Your E-Waste Assassin liaison will either ride in the truck with the equipment or follow the truck to the warehouse and processing center. At no time will the truck be parked or left unattended.

7) As each pallet is unloaded from the truck, the pallet master barcode will be scanned.

8) As each item is unloaded from its pallet, it will be re-scanned.

9) Items needing further processing will be processed accordingly. This includes printers that may have additional parts to process, secure hard drive wiping, and battery disposal.

10) Any items that are to be re-marketed will be sold. E-Waste Assassin handles all re-marketing including packing and shipping.

11) Items previously set aside for recycling will be scanned when loading onto the truck. When we reach our recycling partner, each pallet will be scanned when un-loaded from the truck.

12) A full report of all assets, including final destinations will be provided to the corporation.


Why the Complex Process?

Our proprietary process involves numerous scans to ensure that all items are accounted for before and after each processing step. We are fanatical about maintaining the Chain of Ownership so that our clients remain protected.  In addition, we strip all assets of all corporate markings before they leave our warehouses for re-marketing or recycling. Therefore, corporations should be very weary of Asset Disposal companies that seek only to provide a Certificate of Ownership Transfer without a detailed process!