Commercial Business Pricing

We strive to offer the lowest possible prices and most flexible service to our Commercial Business clients. Unlike others, we charge extremely competitive rates for hard drive data destruction. Please note that there are some items that have restrictions which require us to charge extra.

Below is a list of items and their disposal prices. If you have questions about something that is not on this list, please Contact Us to discuss your situation.

Hard Drive Wiping Fees

SATA (Any Size or Capacity)
SCSI/IDE (Any Size or Capacity)

$10 Each
$15 Each


Cell Phone Destruction Fees

Cell Phones (Basic)
Smartphones (Unlocked)
Smartphones (Damaged or Locked)
iPhone (Unlocked)
iPhone (Damaged or Locked)

$5 Each
$5 Each
$5 Each


Other Storage Device Destruction Fees

USB Drive, SD Card, CF Card
Tape (Any Size)

$20 per pound
$5 Each


CRT Montitors

1-5 (Limit 20 inch)
6+ (Limit 20 inch)

$25 each plus $25 trip charge
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1-5 (Limit 27 inch)

$30 each plus $25 trip charge
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Pickup/Trip Charges

Depends on location, type, and number of items to be picked-up.
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