Data Security – E-Waste Disposal and Data Loss

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When your devices reach end-of -life, what do you do with them? Store them until later, creating space issues? Throw them into a landfill to leach toxins into the ground water and waste raw materials? Give them to friends, family, or employees? None of these solutions is ideal, especially as regards data security. Though most of us understand that e-waste is best recycled, few of us give it much thought beyond that.

An image of a book, smart phone, mouse, and laptop locked with chains. Not the most efficient way to keep your data safe!
This isn’t a good way to keep your information safe.

When you upgrade a device, there will always be data on it. Do you or your IT department remove that data? Where does that storage media go when they recycle your device? When you send your devices to be recycled, sometimes there is still stored information. Can you trust your recycling partner to safely destroy that data? The answer isn’t always yes.

Over the years, there have been many data breaches via dumpster. IT departments, under pressure to dispose of old computers quickly, have thrown them away. Bad actors have then found those devices and accessed data that was left on them. Lists of clients, phone numbers, addresses, even social security numbers and medical records have been left for anyone to find. Doctors, hospitals, law firms and financial institutions have been fined for their carelessness. In some cases, the exposure of a single client’s information can cost tens of thousands of dollars. You definitely don’t want to be left holding that bag.

What can be done?

While most people try to erase files from their hard drive before disposing of their computer, nothing short of a multi-pass drive wipe can remove all the data. We here at E-Waste Assassin provide certified drive wiping services for a small fee. The peace of mind this will bring you is well worth it. No one will be able to access your data, or that of your clients, and you will have evidence you destroyed the data for any audits.

Contact us today to see how we can help you keep your information where it belongs: safely under your control.


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