E-Waste: EPA Cares About It–and So Should Every Arizona Resident

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The average American House has 24 electronic products, and all of them are potential e-waste. e-Waste represents 2% of America’s trash in landfills, but 70% of its toxic waste. Believe it or not, households store 5 times more computer products by weight than commercial establishments! The EPA is the government agency designated to help every American do their part to reduce E-Waste and their growing concern about e-waste should be important to all of us.

As of 2009 (where we have the latest data from the EPA on e-waste), only 25% of electronics were collected for recycling. That number drops to 8% when it comes to mobile devices. And the e-waste is growing–1000% in mobile devices alone. In 2012 the US generated more than 9 million tons of e-waste, a 400%+ increase from 2 million tons in 2005. That’s the equivalent of three Great Pyramids of Eqypt in weight!

The other growing problem is the rise of fly by night e-waste “recyclers” doing all kinds of shady deals, including illegally dumping the materials or selling them to overseas companies who dispose of them in ways that pollute third world countries, and exploit the desperately poor people there.

What is eWaste?

If you can plug it in and it has a “brain,” or if it’s used to power or attach to one of those smart devicies, it’s likely potential e-Waste. We’ve created a handy guide of devices Arizonans can use to get specifics. Examples of electronics that can be recycled include Televisions, Computers, Routers, Monitors, DVD Players, Printers, Smart Phones, Cameras, Batteries, Telephones, and even some Coffee Makers.

Why is e-waste Such a problem? How does it affect Tucson, specifically?

Most importantly, recycling your e-waste keeps Tucson soil and water resources safe for your and your family. It’s bad enough Yuma is inheriting California’s eWaste. Let’s not make more of our own!

Saving natural resources keeps costs down for all of us, because scarce natural resources will only become more expensive–and drive up the costs of future generations of electronic equipment if not reused.

* For every one million laptops recycled, we save the energy equivalent to the electricity used by more than 3500 US homes in one year.

* For every one million cell phones recycled, 35,000 pounds of copper, 772 pounds of silver, 75 pounds of gold, and 33 pounds of palladium can be recovered. That helps keep the cost of those devices down in the long run.

We’ll Pick It Up!
The good news is that it’s now easy to recycle your e-waste. Recycling your computers, mobile phones, monitors, and other e-waste is easy helps the environment, but it also removes clutter from your home, and has other benefits as well.

How do I recycle my computer equipment and e-Waste in Arizona?

First, see if you can reduce your consumption. Only buy what you need. Can you skip this upgrade cycle? Encourage others to share, and reuse and get as much as they can out of the electronics you buy. After all, it’s your hard earned money!

Second, can you repair your devices? Contact our Tucson computer repair partner and give them the opportunity to save you money.

Call Us and Tell Us What you Need Removed
Schedule a Pick Up
We do all the documentation you need including secondary device documentation, proof of data destruction, and More!

Sounds Easy! But What’s the Catch? How Much Will This Cost Me?

For most residential items you won’t pay a dime. That’s right! If you’re far away from our warehouses, are a business that isn’t in a home, or have unusual numbers or types of items, there may be some nominal fees. Here’s more information about that.

Aren’t there hundreds of you guys out there? Why should I go with you?

We’re Tuscson based and make sure our recycling partners adhere to the strictest standards of disposal, including full certification of our destruction, recycling, and legal disposal of e-Waste according to the highest EPA standards. With E-Waste Assassin, you know your computer isn’t going to be dumped next to someone’s favorite fishing spot.

Hey Tucson! Ready to clear out your junk, help the environment, and keep your costs of electronics low? Recycle your e-waste with us today!


More Resources Can Be Found At The Following Websites:

Official EPA eCycling Page

Half of all US States have eWaste Recycling Laws. See if your state is Listed.

DoSomething.org has a complete set of information to help young people understand the impacts of e-waste


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