Global Warming Hoax No Excuse to Forget E-Waste

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No Gloal Warming? No Worries…Right?

With the current debate about “Climate-Gate” and the validity of Global Warming as we now see it, there is an overwhelming feeling that all earth friendly practices are unnecessary. After all, if we’re not causing the Earth’s demise, why worry about what we do, right? While the debate rages on, we stand firm in our conviction that the accumulation of Electronic Waste (E-Waste) is one eco concern that we cannot afford to ignore.

E-Waste: Not Just Another Theory

Unlike other “green” concerns that seek only to create seemingly unnecessary fears and industries to support those fears, e-waste truly has nothing to do with climate change. Concerns over e-waste stem from the abuses caused when proper disposal of electronic poison takes a back seat to profits gained from raw metals. Instead of causing the demise of humanity, e-waste is an increasing problem that causes the very real contamination of air, soil, and water systems around the world. In order to prevent the literal poisoning of humans around the world, we can no longer afford to succomb to the “out-of-sight, out-of mind” philosphy that has ruled our thoughts surrounding e-waste thus far.

Legal Ramifications of Improper Data Disposal

Companies who don’t follow proper procedures to eliminate their e-waste face local, state, and federal environmental fines, as well as lawsuits and irreparable PR nightmares when hard drives filled with confidential client data are found in third-world countries. Countless undercover investigations have led to sanctions against many companies whose waste was discovered, as well as many more recycling firms that sold out their ideals and their customers’ trust to high paying bidders across the ocean. Is it any wonder that identity theft is on the rise? Now more than ever corporations must be extremely careful when choosing an asset disposal company to rid them of unwanted electronic waste.

Tucson’s Businesses Have a Solution

Xcentech has joined the fight against e-waste and has stepped up efforts to help businesses in Tucson and surrounding areas to rid themselves of e-waste safely, legally, and confidentially. Using a system specifically devised to prevent the improper disposal of confidential and hasardous assets, Xcentech hopes to become a premier provider of asset disposal services for Tucson. Our white paper detailing our asset disposal services can be used as a starting point for resposible Tucson businesses who want to ensure that their reputations and pocketbooks remain in good standing.

Residential Customers Can Do Their Part

While our services are geared toward the disposal of large quantities of business related assets, residential customers in Tucson can still do their part. Visit our Go Green! page for more information related to household disposal services in your area.


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