No more excuses Tucson! Recycle your e-waste today!

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FREE Hard Drive Wiping Sure to Increase Computer Recycling in Tucson

We all want to do right by the environment…as long as it’s painless and doesn’t cost anything of course! For a while now, E-Waste Assassin has charged a nominal hard drive wipe fee to get rid of sensitive data on hard drives that come along with equipment that is brought to us for recycling. Unfortunately, the nominal $15 fee has seemed to turn away more clients than it has helped. The fear is that such computing clients will simply find the nearest trash bin instead of recycling the equipment at all. As a responsible Tucson computer repair store and dedicated environmental partner, we cannot allow e-waste to go un-recycled.

In the interest of making the recycling of used comptuers and other e-waste in Tucson as painless as possible, E-Waste Assassin will now wipe up to five (5) residential hard drives per household for FREE! This means that we can prevent the mishanding of e-waste throughout Tucson and southern Arizona by ensuring that such items are properly disposed of. Now there is absolutely no excuse left for throwing away used computers and electronics in Tucson.

Business Customers should check out our Asset Disposal White Paper for detailed business recycling information and should contact us directly when ready to discuss their options.

Some Things We Still Don’t Want:


  • Anything oozing with toxic waste
  • Household trash
  • Anything requiring a permit to store or eliminate

Please call us before:


  • Dropping off items
  • If any single item requires two or more people to lift
  • If you have an entire truckload of computer and/or electronic items to bring

Let’s get rid of e-waste now! Contact Us Today!


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