Residential/Home Business Pricing

We strive to offer FREE service to our Residential and Home Based Business clients. Unlike others, we may not charge you to for hard drive data destruction as long as the hard drive is included with a complete computer system.* Unfortunately, there are some items that have restrictions which require us to charge for their processing and disposal. These items are difficult and dangerous to dispose of and cost us extra money throughout the process.

*We always charge for drive wipes on systems older than 5 years from date of manufacture. Please call for a quote.

Below is a list of items and their disposal prices. If you have questions about something that is not on this list, please Contact Us to discuss your situation.

Bare Hard Drives (No Computer)

1 – 10
More Than 10

$10 Each
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CRT Montitors

1-2 (Limit 20 inch)
2+ (Limit 20 inch)

$25 each plus $25 trip charge
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1 (Limit 27 inch)
2+ (Limit 27 inch)

$30 each plus $25 trip charge
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Pickup/Trip Charges

There are no pickup or trip charges if you drop off at our Warehouse

Within 10 Miles from Warehouse
10+ Miles from Warehouse