Windows 7 Support is Ending, What Can You Do With Your Old Devices?

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Windows 7 was released nearly 10 years ago. That means that many of the devices running it are no longer as efficient or useful. Microsoft plans the end-of-life date for operating systems before they even release them. While that may seem strange, this planned obsolescence means you can be prepared ahead of time to upgrade. The simplest thing to do is replace and dispose of your devices.

A large pile of discarded computers in a dumpster. The results of a badly planned upgrade from Windows 7!
Not upgrading your Windows 7 devices will compromise your data security.

When Microsoft ends support for an operating system, they no longer release updates. The longer the OS is unsupported, the more vulnerable it becomes. With every month that goes by, bad actors have more opportunity to exploit loopholes in the software. No one wants their data to be stolen.

Next January, Microsoft will end all support for Windows 7. They have only been providing updates to paid support clients for quite some time, but that ends in 2020. Most businesses will be refreshing their technology to ensure data security. Replacing devices leaves you with a pile of outdated technology. No one wants to leave their devices in a closet or throw them in a landfill, but figuring out what to do with them can be a headache.

Disposing of electronics isn’t just inconvenient. It can also leave you in hot water.

For businesses in regulated industries, such as medicine, not securely disposing of old electronics can come back to bite you. Any PHI left on an old drive is a violation of HIPAA. For every piece of data lost, you can be fined thousands of dollars. Under HIPPA and HITECH, that means each name, phone number, or address can result in a fine. But it’s not just medicine — law offices, accountants, and any other business with personal client information stored is vulnerable.

To properly dispose of a device, you should first make sure all data is wiped from internal storage. But once you are sure your information is secure, finding a way to keep the device out of a landfill is paramount. Who can you trust to recycle the device properly? Will it end up in a landfill leaking dangerous chemicals?

How can you safely dispose of old electronics?

We here at E-Waste Assassin are available to take care of the outdated technology for you. From old PCs to broken printers, we can securely remove your personal data. Then we will make sure that your device doesn’t contribute to the growing e-waste crisis in our landfills. Contact us to remove your e-waste headaches.


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